“Gamification”, what is it?

Social, loyalty, rewarding, engaging the customer, and fun are all behind the fast growing phenomenon called: Gamification!

When you think about it, we all “play games” to win status, earn points, and get stuff. The airlines call it a frequent flyer program and many of us who travel have been playing for years to get a seat in front of the curtain, and even a free ticket every now and then! Best Buy Rewards, Macy’s and even my local sandwich shop tracks my purchases. It is here and it all around us. Now know it is even becoming social. Facebook fans are familiar with Farmville and Mafia Wars, the numbers are staggering! (And all they get are e-badges, not even real ones you can sew on a jacket!) Why is this important to me? Gamer or not, we are all consumers (and travelers) and 2011 is being called the year of gamification by many in marketing. I really like what Bay-area start-up Manumatix is doing with their Bamboo platform and it has a great fit for the travel industry. Take a quick read of this article to get an idea of what some are doing with these cool apps to monetize the winning trilogy – social, loyalty and marketing.

Article: http://bit.ly/hjEunr

More to follow in the future as it relates specifically to travel, business and leisure and gamification!

Safe travels….Michael Jacques

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One Response to “Gamification”, what is it?

  1. Seth Mills says:

    Hey, great article! I just wrote a piece on gamification, more of an overview really of how this is playing out in the real world and how companies are using these strategies in a new marketing sense. check it out! http://bit.ly/fFE4FR

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