Airlines to offer free in-flight Facebook!?!?

Recently noted in USA Today, GoGo Inflight Intenet will be giving away free in-flight access to Facebook as a promotion to increase uptake if their in-flight WiFi services for the month of February.  Users can access Facebook at no cost, but if they want full Internat access they must pay $4.95 to $12.95 for access.

I for one think this is a great promotion which I hope is extended and made permanent.  For the most part Facebook has become a hub for many companies and services.  For a business traveler free or ultra-low cost access to the Facebook platform would be a great means for them to check travel related services like viewing their itinerary or confirming a hotel.  It could also be a way to stay connected to one’s company or their travel agent if their company or agency maintained a Facebook page intended for targeting their mobile community.

Maybe I sound cheap by wanting free in-flight access to Facebook and perhaps stretching the use of Facebook to benefit me as a business traveler as well as my company and travel agencies, but I believe it is good to have very inexpensive core connectivity available to business travelers and do believe that they will need and desire full access and will pay for the added value of full internet connectivity.  In any case, I wish GoGo well on this promotion and I do hope it sparks an uptake on in-flight Internet service.  Make this promotion permanent and we can have a great discussion what we can do with a Facebook-platform to enhance the lives of business travelers!

~Jim Hetzel


Source:  USA Today


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