Mile High iPad Club

Courtesy of Hemispheres Magazine

Thanks to airlines like United and Lufthansa, there’s no need to reach into the seatback pocket to peruse your in-flight magazine anymore… just fire up your iPad. After giving this some thought, offering in-flight magazines via electronic devices opens up some interesting interactive possibilities…

• If I’m traveling on an airline that belongs to the Oneworld Alliance, why not offer me the ability to peruse all 12 affiliated in-flight mags?
• If I happen to be reading Hemispheres at 35,000 feet, why not offer me an extra 500 Mileage Plus miles for this leg of my journey for reading the iPad version? Call it a “green reward”.
• Immediately download and install in-flight applications that are offered by the airline and its marketing partners. This would be especially cool if it’s an intelligent app. For example, the app I just downloaded realizes that I’m en route to Singapore. The Duty Free Galleria at Changi Airport has excess stock of Johnny Walker Black Label. E-Coupon! Cha Ching.
• While we’re on the subject, why not offer an in-flight duty free e-coupon? Again, offer the discount towards the end of the flight to optimize excess inventory.
• How about a SkyMall iPad app? Browse and order in-flight… pick up @ destination.

If you can think of any other in-flight iPad possibilities, please chime in below by leaving a comment.

~ Theo Szymanski

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