KLM and Social Media… Taking “Traveler Personalization” to New Heights

Let’s say you’re at Amsterdam airport, waiting for your KLM flight to board and whisk you across the pond, where you plan to run in the New York City marathon.  Suddenly, a KLM employee approaches you, thanks you for your business, wishes you luck in the marathon and unexpectedly hands you a very thoughtful gift – a $100 Foot Locker gift voucher! Imagine your surprise? Would you be likely to fly KLM again? You betcha! How on earth did they do that?

Obviously, the airline is aware of the fact that you’ve checked in, and that you’re probably somewhere near the boarding gate.  You recently tweeted the fact that you’re looking forward to running in the NYC Marathon. By looking at your Facebook page, the airline’s “social media swat team” now knows what you look like. The rest is left to creativity and thoughtfulness.

If a traveler chooses to make certain personal facts about themselves available to travel suppliers, why not use social media to truly personalize the travel experience?  These days, “traveler preferences” don’t just mean that you prefer a window seat, and that you’d like the Wall Street Journal outside the door of your hotel room every morning… it’s obviously so much more.

Check out this cool video produced by KLM… an airline that is renowned for grabbing new technology by the horns and taking it to new heights.

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