Google’s Travel Savvy Search Engine

For those of you that know me, you’re probably aware of the fact that I am fascinated by the latest advances in web search technology. Get this… Google arguably has somewhere between 30 and 40 billion pages indexed within its massive databases.  Yet, if I frame my search string properly (aka surgical precision searching), I can narrow down my results to 25 in less than 3 seconds – staggering, right?

Being in the travel technology sector, I am also intrigued by Google’s constantly evolving travel savvy-ness (making words up as I go along here). Posted today on Google’s official search blog, the search giant announced a new “flight schedule” feature. Simply search for “flights from chicago to miami” and you are given a list of all non-stop flights that operate between those two cities, including the flight number and days of operation.

Taking it a step further, simply search for “flights from ORD” and you’re given a list of all non-stop flights, by destination city, operating out of Chicago O’Hare.

Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other search engines realize that a growing number of searches are travel related. As such, they are increasing their efforts to cater to this need.  Try the following travel related searches on for size:




One can only imagine how travel savvy Google will eventually become once they have fully integrated the incredible technologies that ITA Software has to offer…

~ Theo Szymanski

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