Augmented Reality Apps & Meeting Space Planning

If you’re a meeting & event planning professional, you’ve probably stood in an empty meeting room and tried to visualize various seating configurations. Classroom style? U-shaped? Hollow rectangle? A two-dimensional floor plan might look good on paper, but when the room is finally prepared to your specifications, there’s always a chance of experiencing buyer’s remorse. Well, with the arrival of the iPad and other tablets, combined with augmented reality (AR) apps, those disappointing days may be behind us.

Simply hold up your iPad in front of an empty meeting room, select the “classroom style” seating configuration on your AR app and, like magic, tables and chairs are superimposed over the room. Want to see what the room will look like from different perspectives? No problem. Simply walk around the room and the AR image will adjust automatically! Want to see what a buffet style lunch will look like along the south wall? Point your iPad at the wall, tap the “buffet lunch” option and voila – lunch is served! Virtually, of course.

Can you think of any cool AR apps that would help you achieve your meetings and travel management goals? If so, chime in below and share your thoughts with us and your fellow readers.

~ Theo Szymanski

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5 Responses to Augmented Reality Apps & Meeting Space Planning

  1. Diane Murray says:

    Wow, just think of the possibiities for not only Meeting Planners and their Clients, but also for the Venue’s Sales and Catering staff.

  2. Tim Brooks says:

    Name a provider or developer of such an app for venue augmented reality. If its actually out there, let the downloads begin!

  3. @Tim: take a look at

  4. nickymorrogh says:

    We have developed a Conference / Meeting Sales app for a number of clients. It displays high quality 3d Room Renders and allows sales staff to switch between room layouts displaying exact room replicas.

    Case Study here:

  5. adrianiselin says:

    You all nowadays must have heard about meeting apps which are interactive in nature and are an excellent alternative for business owners as they allow them manage or handle their conferences and corporate meetings at their smartphone. With these applications, distance no more is a big deal, you can handle your meeting in an organized manner. Visiting once at, you can grab even more informational stuff regarding this. One can actually acquire a handful of information over these applications.

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