So you’ve mastered SEO… How does your ASO stack up?

Like me, you’ve probably tweaked and re-tweaked your website’s textual content to ensure that, when it comes to search engine rankings, your company’s products and/or services are front and center… head and shoulders above your competition.  Well, with the onset of mobile apps, you now have a new marketing hurdle to overcome… App Store Optimization (ASO).

Designing, building and maintaining a successful mobile app certainly has its challenges.  However, unless you adopt smart ASO strategies, getting your killer app found among an ocean of other apps can be virtually impossible.  On a combined basis, iOS and Android now offer over 1 million apps in their respective online stores.  In my particular vertical, when you narrow it down to travel apps, you’re still dealing with hundreds of competitors jostling for prime position.

Tools are starting to emerge that analyze popular keywords, not only based on competitor content, but based also on the most common keywords entered by app store shoppers.  Using these tools, it makes it easier for you to identify common phrases that your competitors are using that you may have omitted.  Combine these tools with the intel you gain from app store analytics and reporting, and you’re on your way to mastering ASO.

Jim, Michael and I are interested in hearing from our readers regarding any questions, comments or feedback you may have.  Also, if you happen to be well versed in ASO, please share your challenges and success stories with us.

~ Theo Szymanski

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