Corporate Online Booking Tools Now Taking Us “Door-to-Door”

I need to plan a trip from my Chicago-area office to a meeting with Amex in New York. Normally, I would fire up my online booking tool (OBT) and search for available options from ORD to LGA. The problem is… my office isn’t at ORD… and my meeting isn’t at LGA. Ultimately, I’m specifically interested in available options to get me from 1300 S Grove Ave. Barrington IL to 200 Vesey St. New York NY… door-to-door.

Courtesy of KDS

Courtesy of KDS

Personalizing the end-to-end traveler experience, a rapidly evolving trend that we’ve blogged about before, is now starting to enter the mainstream.  KDS, at their conference in Paris a few weeks ago, introduced KDS Neo, a revolutionary door-to-door travel booking solution.  Not only does the PC/smartphone/tablet-based app clearly map out the multiple steps required to get you from A to B, it also provides you with the most logical, cost-effective, policy-compliant options.  Check out this on-stage KDS Neo demonstration presented by KDS CEO, Dean Forbes. I particularly like the integrated Google “street view” feature, giving me the ability to actually see my meeting location during the booking process.

Considering how much success has had developing intuitive online shopping technologies, it stands to reason that corporate travel booking systems will follow suit.

~ Theo Szymanski

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