Business Travelers Embracing Electronic Magazine and Newspaper Subscriptions

zinio-newsstand-app-9to5ipadHaving been a fan of Zinio (an online magazine subscription service) for several years now, I can’t remember the last time I thumbed through a physical magazine. The same applies to newspapers – which is a good thing, since the black ink usually made its way to my shirt cuff. A growing number of hotels and airlines have started giving their customers access to digital magazine and newspaper subscriptions while either on-premise or in-flight. Using geo-fencing technology, a traveler can access a wide array of publications via their mobile devices, provided they remain within a virtual perimeter.

Personally, I enjoy the interactive experience associated with online publications – whether it’s an embedded video, a hyperlink or the ability to download an iPad app directly from my Apple e-Magazine. Before I board my flight, I simply download the latest editions onto my iPad and I’m good to go at 35,000 feet. Even my public library has a partnership with Zinio, which gives me access to dozens of free publications in addition to the ones I pay for.

seatpocketAre in-flight and airport lounge magazines soon to be a thing of the past? As media empires increasingly favor e-publications, it’s certainly plausible. Perhaps the only item sitting outside my hotel room door in the morning will be a room service tray. Please share your thoughts and predictions in the comments box below.

~ Theo Szymanski

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