Star Trek Technology Here Today! The “Universal Translator” really exists.


As a follow up to my post back in 2011 about voice translation technology, Microsoft announced and demoed yesterday at the inaugural Re/Code Code Conference game changing voice translation technology that will be integrated into Skype this year.

This technology makes the world that much smaller by further breaking down language barriers and enabling Skype users to speak to people in other languages – in real-time. This is technology that we only first dreamed of when we watched episodes of Star Trek where Kirk and Spock would use the Universal Translator to communicate with alien civilizations. This technology is now a reality and enables you to speak with a person directly while the Skype translation system translate your words to the native language of that person, and vice versa.

Here is a demonstration:

This is exciting technology that will change the way we conduct business and communicate with friends and loved ones. Integrating this technology in Skype not only allows for verbal communication but through the video conferencing feature allows you communicate face-to-face whether you are in the next cube, city, or country.

What are your thoughts on this technology and do you seeing it change the way you conduct business or travel?

~ Jim


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