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Hotel Wi-Fi Woes

These days, a hotel room serves as my “virtual office” while traveling.  I’m always pleasantly surprised when I walk into the room and see a modern desk with plenty of power outlets, and a comfortable, adjustable office chair.  Occasionally, my … Continue reading

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Business Travelers Embracing Electronic Magazine and Newspaper Subscriptions

Having been a fan of Zinio (an online magazine subscription service) for several years now, I can’t remember the last time I thumbed through a physical magazine. The same applies to newspapers – which is a good thing, since the black ink usually made its … Continue reading

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Keep The Noise Down on Open Bookings and Travel Eco-Systems

There’s been plenty of noise recently wrapped around “open bookings” and “travel eco-systems”. The fact is, open or rogue bookings for air, hotel and car rentals outside managed or unmanaged programs and so-called travel eco-systems have been around for decades. This … Continue reading

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Gamifying The Car Rental Experience to Optimize Traveler Safety

I predict that we’ll start seeing gamification enter the corporate car rental space very soon. These days, there are smartphone apps like and that actually grade your driving skills in terms of speed, braking, turning, acceleration, etc. You even … Continue reading

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Corporate Online Booking Tools Now Taking Us “Door-to-Door”

I need to plan a trip from my Chicago-area office to a meeting with Amex in New York. Normally, I would fire up my online booking tool (OBT) and search for available options from ORD to LGA. The problem is… … Continue reading

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In-flight Entertainment… Is There An App For That?

In the not too distant future, there probably will be. With the next era of in-flight entertainment on their radar scopes, airlines are starting to think outside of the box… um, I mean… outside of the aluminum tube. Cathay Pacific … Continue reading

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So you’ve mastered SEO… How does your ASO stack up?

Like me, you’ve probably tweaked and re-tweaked your website’s textual content to ensure that, when it comes to search engine rankings, your company’s products and/or services are front and center… head and shoulders above your competition.  Well, with the onset … Continue reading

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Augmented Reality Apps & Meeting Space Planning

If you’re a meeting & event planning professional, you’ve probably stood in an empty meeting room and tried to visualize various seating configurations. Classroom style? U-shaped? Hollow rectangle? A two-dimensional floor plan might look good on paper, but when the … Continue reading

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Business Travelers Will Welcome “Rapid Battery Recharge” Technology

If I were to create a list of pros and cons associated with my use of mobile technology, I could sum up my cons on a cocktail napkin. My top three cons are: short battery life; running out of battery … Continue reading

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Personalizing the Online Booking and Business Travel Experience

It never ceases to amaze me how intuitive sites like, LinkedIn and Google can be.  Based on my buying habits, my network of professional associates and my search history (respectively), I am served up information that is literally tailor-made … Continue reading

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